Mapair offers a range of aerial survey services which can be tailored to precisely meet customer needs.
Survey results are analysed and carefully presented to aid fast understanding.
Flight safety is paramount, and surveys are thoroughly planned whilst working with customers to ensure data is captured safely and efficiently. 


Manual Thermographic Survey


UAV piloted manually

Best method to capture specific image / video data

Can investigate real time - E.g. identify fluid leak paths

Ideal for capturing image & data in close proximity

Automated Thermographic Survey


Fly a pre-planned route

Capture Thermal and RGB data simultaneously

Images are Geo-referenced

RGB and Thermal Orthomosaic maps can be produced

DJI M210


Can carry two cameras (1 thermal, 1 RGB)

Thermal - 640 x 512, 13mm lens, Radiometric

RGB - 20Megapixel Images / 4K Video 

Very stable for 'Elevated Tripod' capture

Twin battery for increased safety

DJI Inspire 1 v2


Single camera - Either thermal or RGB

Thermal - 640 x 512, 13mm lens, Radiometric

RGB - 12Megapixel Images / 4K Video 

Fast flight for automated mapping

Elevating landing gear for all round image capture